Frequently Asked Questions

Open-top sightseeing bus tours travel through a city following defined routes. You can hop on and off the bus at any of the designated stops to explore all that the city has to offer. The stops are strategically located throughout the city and allow you to get around easily and visit the most popular attractions. In addition, there will be a pre-recorded audio guide or guide on board who will share interesting and live information about the city's history, culture and landmarks.
If you are not familiar with a city, we recommend that you choose a complete tour and listen to the audio guides. You can then decide which sights you want to visit, get off for a closer look, and then get back on the bus. You can use the bus as much as you wish during the validity period of the ticket.
Unlike a sightseeing bus tour with open-access stops, passengers are not allowed to get on and off the vehicle for the duration of the tour. Some scenic tours include photo stops, giving you the opportunity to capture the sights before continuing the tour.
Our tours are the most comprehensive way to visit cities, with bus routes planned to pass through key places of interest. Although we do our best to cover all major attractions and landmarks, this is not guaranteed due to the routes stipulated by local traffic authorities. If the route does not take you directly to a particular tourist attraction, the nearest free access stop will be a short walk away.
City Sightseeing tours operate on fixed routes, with carefully selected free-access stops located as close as possible to the most popular landmarks. Just hop off at any of the designated points to visit the city's sights and return to the same or a nearby stop to continue the bus tour.
Once you have redeemed your ticket, you can board at any stop. However, it is not necessary to exchange all tickets. Please check the information on your ticket or on the tour page to find out if you need to exchange your ticket and where to do so.
Frequency varies from city to city. The average waiting time between buses is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please refer to the tour page for waiting time. Please note that bus frequency may vary depending on traffic conditions.
All tours have a live guide or a pre-recorded audio guide that explains interesting information about the history, culture and sights of the city. Depending on the city, the audio guide is available in several languages. Some City Sightseeing destinations also offer audio guides for children.
Yes, all tours are created with children in mind. In addition, some tours offer special audio guides geared towards children (adults can enjoy them too!) or free kids' club activity packages.

Yes, however, not all buses are equipped to accept credit card payments. In this case, you will have to pay in local currency.

Yes, you can buy your ticket online on our website to save time when you arrive at your destination.
If you buy your ticket online, you can pay with major credit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa, and with PayPal. If you decide to buy your tickets when you arrive in a city, you will be able to pay in local currency. Most street vendors accept credit card payments. However, please note that if you are buying your ticket directly on the bus, you will most likely have to pay in cash.
Yes, we operate every day of the year, including holidays and national holidays.

Not all cities offer the same types of tickets. Below, we share with you a summary of the different tickets available. Once exchanged, each ticket is valid for a certain period of time. Please confirm validity when purchasing a combined ticket. 1-day ticket: These tickets are valid for 1 day from the moment you get on. For example, if you board at 3pm, the ticket is valid until 3pm the following day. 2-day ticket: These tickets follow the same principle as the 1-day ticket. These tickets are valid for 2 consecutive days.

Your hop-on hop-off ticket can be cancelled up to 24 hours before your chosen travel date. If you request a refund after having redeemed the voucher for a ticket, you will not be entitled to a refund.